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The Great Apartment Hunt
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Thursday, November 2nd, 2006
5:08 pm
A Tenant's Guide to Renting
A Tenant’s Guide to Renting

The first challenge every tenant faces is finding an apartment for rent that suits their individual needs. For today’s tenant, the most effective apartment search can be done using an online apartment finder. Tenants should decide what they require in an apartment or house rental before beginning their search. For example: the number of bedrooms, location or distance from public transportation and how much the tenant can afford to pay in rent, furnished or unfurnished apartment, etc. By making these important decisions first, tenants can avoid renting an apartment or house only to regret it later. Many tenants today are taking advantage of the convenience of the internet to locate apartments for rent as opposed to the traditional print publications.

Once a possible apartment or home has been found, it is the tenant's duty to thoroughly inspect the premises making a commitment in the form of a security deposit. A tenant should not rely on the landlord or the landlord's agent to tell the tenant if anything is wrong with the property. The tenant must inspect the property carefully and ask questions about it.
Inspecting the condition and functionality of the following areas/features of the apartment before committing yourself as a tenant is highly recommended.
1. Kitchen appliances in working order.
2. Water pressure strong, plumbing without leaks.
3. Electrical outlets and wiring working.
4. Walls and ceiling painted or papered without cracks
5. Ventilation or air conditioning accessible.
6. Floors, railings and bathrooms in good repair.
7. Fire escape easy to use.
8. Stairs safe and well-lighted.
9. No rodents or insects.
10. Heating system in working order.
11. If furnished, check and write down condition of all furniture.
12. Windows and doors operable and weather-tight; screens provided.
The tenant should also check the security of the building to find out if there is a dead-bolt lock, security chain, or through-the-door viewer.
BEWARE OF EXISTING DAMAGES: In order to avoid being blamed for damages that already exist in the rental unit, the cautious tenant should take every step for self-protection. Before moving in (or as soon as possible thereafter), the tenant should make a list of all existing damages and repairs that need to be made. A copy of the list should he presented to the landlord and attached to the lease This way the landlord cannot blame the tenant for damages caused by others and the tenant will know what the landlord intends to repair. If the tenant keeps good records the landlord will not be able to keep the tenant’s security deposit for damages that were actually caused by others. Taking pictures before moving in is also strongly recommended.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Rossano, associated with www.AllSpaces.com who “Conveniently Connects All People with All Spaces in All Places” has been dedicated to the Real Estate rental market for over 8 years. He has assisted over 25,000 tenants with their renting needs. Any questions about renting apartments, houses or other rentals, feel free to visit www.AllSpaces.com or email him at Paul@AllSpaces.com.
Tuesday, June 6th, 2006
1:16 am
Desperate need of a roomie
Hi folks, I'm not new to LJ but I can't find my old one so I'm restarting with this one. Here's the deal. I started out college at UB and as odd as it may sound to some, I love Buffalo. I got screwed over in a variety of ways and had to move back to where my parents lived in a little piece of crap town on the NY-PA border and I've been stuck here for the last three years or so with no way to accomplish ANYTHING of significance. I've finally gotten my financial situation straightened out and I'm ready to make a dash back to B-lo this summer. Now, I can save up to get my own place all by myself, but that will probably take at least another month to safely have enough, as I'm currently stuck working across the border in PA and I'm only making $5.40 an hour, and too few hours to boot. If I can go in on an appartment with someone, splitting the rent and the security and whatnot, I can get the heck outta here even sooner and save up for a place of my own significantly faster, even if I'm working a min. wage job. I -need- to get out of here. The sooner the better. June is probably not an option, but mid-July would awesome. For anyone looking for a roommate, I keep pretty quiet when appropriate, I'm tidy, I keep my stuff in my space, I can clean as long as nobody's leaving insurmountable messes in my path, I can help with the cooking, heck I can even take care of the laundry (on-site laundry facilities would be wonderful, I loathe laundromats). If you keep the heat down to save money in the winter, not a problem. I spent most of my freshman year at UB with my dorm window open in nothing but shorts, even in the dead of winter. I won't be using the house phone much, so you needn't worry about me running it up. About the only luxury I insist on is some high-speed internet. I'm too much an addict to go without. I'll pay for it all myself if you're not interested in utilizing it, but I -will- need it. I have too many projects I will have to coordinate online also. If anyone is interested, get ahold of me via any of my listed contact info and let's talk. Ciao!
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
1:06 pm

Apothecary / Hex Plastic Storage Containers - Lot of 5

I'm selling these on Ebay:

Apothecary / Hex Plastic Storage Containers - Lot of 5

I've got the first set of 5 up for auction.

I have alot more, if you want more or less than 5 contact me.

Monday, October 3rd, 2005
10:12 pm
Apartment for Rent
Notice to the 5 or so people who subscribe to this group....

Apartment for Rent

1 Bedroom Upper

City of Tonawanda

Includes fridge, stove, washer, and dryer

Driveway parking

Clean, well-kept

Short walk to Niagara River and Niawanda Park

$475 / month
Tenant pays utilities
No smokers.

If interested, call Tim - 695-2723.
E-mail tim@buffnet.net (I don't check my e-mail too often, so calling is probably better.)
Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
9:26 pm
Room for rent. Kenmore, near Del/Del split.
My upstairs housemate is moving out. I have a room available starting June 1 for those looking. I will take appointments to show it the weekend of May 28th.

Upstairs bedroom, huge closet, next to bathrom w/shower. Kitchen priviledges, common areas shared. High Speed internet in the office area (though housemate can wire to room or use wireless). Cable TV in the LR, housemate can have wired to the available room. Front/back yard, off-street parking. Basement with W/D. Fireplace. Garage storage. Near busline, stores, library, etc.

$260/month + $50 security, elec, water, cable, internet included. 1/3 gas bill. 6 month lease, option to renew.

Male preferred. Employed or student preferred.

call 903-2496, leave a message :)
Sunday, May 1st, 2005
11:24 pm
Basement Space for rent
I have the idea my housemate in the basement will not renew his lease. It is not the greatest room, only 3 walls. Though, when he moved in he wanted a 6 month lease. I wrote up a 2 month lease with a clause that it would turn into a 6 month lease if he didn't give notice at the end of 2 months. If he was satisfied with the room after 2 months, we would work together to build the 4th wall. Just drywall and a door, not rocket science. In the past few days he has told me has gone back and forth between deciding to stay or leave. It's not a bad set up, he has his wireless connected to my cable modem. I bought a closet bar for him and an air mattress, he came with nothing. Gave him a table and chair for his comp and various storage hangers and a cardboard dresser, etc, etc. It's a good sized room. Carpeted, heated.

Not a lot of privacy, for 3 walls, one would think, but I only pass the area to go into the other side of the basement to do laundry. I don't look in there unless he says something.

The rent for the 2 month period was $50 a month +$30 security, to change to $90/month thereafter, the same security seposit in place. It is ony a basement room (mainly refinished, heated, a small fridge, upstairs kitchen/bathroom/living room priviledges)good neighborhood on the busline in kenmore,a block from the library. Driveway parking. Cable tv, fireplace in the living room. Lots of amenities. Utilities are included except 1/2 a cheap landline phone, about $10/month.

If you are looking for a place, let me know. It would be available by the 18th. This would be a 6 month lease. $90/month+$30 security. Call 903-2496 prefer male, 21-35.
Monday, August 2nd, 2004
6:57 pm
I have a room for rent in Kenmore near the Del/Del split..
1 room for rent in a 3 bedroom home....

The room has a huge closet. $270 includes ALL (all utilities, cable modem, cable tv. $50 security deposit. 1st month and security deposit moves you in. I do not require last month's up front. I am negotiable on the rent if you have great references. There is no landline phone. If you want one you have to get one).

Pool, fireplace, front/back yards, porch, driveway parking. Common areas shared. Washer/dryer. Storage space. Near library, shoping, bus line. Quiet, safe neighborhood. 6 month lease. Move in ASAP.

If you are looking for a place, please call 903-2496 or contact reldra@hotmail.com
Friday, July 23rd, 2004
3:06 pm
Ok, here it is...
If anyone wants to help me make this pretty, I'm open to suggestions. It might be nice to put up some nice little pics from Buffalo as a background. Happy posting
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